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Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Club Penguin Mar-Apr 2010 Furniture Catalog Cheats

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Club Penguin has released many furniture items on the Better Igloo Mar-Apr 2010 Furniture Catalog today. The new items are for the Spring! Spring is here, go to you igloo and buy the new items for it! Rainbow with Pot O’ Gold, Wishing Well, Green Clover, and Tree Stump. Here are all of the club penguin cheats for Mar-Apr 2010 Furniture Catalog.
Club Penguin Mar-Apr 2010 Furniture Catalog Cheats

On the 1st page of the catalog, click on the Tree Stum and you can find the Clover Balloon.
Clover Balloon

The 2nd hidden item is very pretty, it’s Clover Garland. Click on the Wishing Well on the first page.
Clover Garland

Go to the next page, click on the Mailbox and you can buy the Blue Lamp.
Blue Lamp

On the 4th page, you can click on the Ski Rack to find out Snowboard Rack.
Snowboard Rack

Go to the last page where you can buy the Ston Furniture. Click on the Stone Couch to buy Portal Box.
Portal Box

Click on the Stone Lamp to find the HD TV.

Club Penguin Puffle Rescue and Penguin Play Awards

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Club Penguin Puffle Rescuers Needs (March 15)
Penguins to the rescue! Starting March 15, construction crews are asking for your help to rescue puffles that are trapped in the Mine Cave. Many puffles, including Captain Rockhopper’s missing puffle Yarr, have been tracked there! According to Rory the construction penguin, cave construction will be finished March 15 and after that it’ll be safe to proceed with rescue efforts. Stay on alert and dig out your rescue gear for club penguin Puffle Rescue at the Mine Cave!
Club Penguin Puffle Rescue

Penguin Play Awards (March 19)
There’s an excited buzz all over the island as penguins get ready for the Penguin Play Awards. The red carpet will roll out in the Plaza on March 19! An event planner explained that just like last year, penguins will get to vote in 5 categories: Best Play, Best Set, Best Music, Best Special Effects, Best Costumes. As well as at the Plaza, interview areas will be set up on the Ski Hill and at the Docks. Even the Pizza Parlor will get fancy! There’s going to be star-studded magic all over the island – so get your friends and get ready to celebrate!
Penguin Play Awards

Rockhopper Departs (March 14)
Play Treasure Hunt onboard the Migrator before Rockhopper leaves!
Rockhopper Departs

New Pet Furniture Catalog (March 19)
Check out the new furniture, in the Pet Shop – perfect for orange puffles.

Club Penguin Play Awards Login Screen

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There is a new login screen when you sign onto your account. This is a penguin play awards login screen! Check it out below:

I have noticed that there is a slight mistake on the login screen. The penguin play awards started on March 18th but the new login screen shows March 19th. What do you think about this new screen? Let me know.

Club Penguin Buckle Boot Pin Cheats

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Club Penguin has released New Pin – Buckle Boot Pin. Here is the club penguin cheats to help you find out the Buckle Boot Pin. Go to the Night Club, then go to the Dance Lounge, you can find it near the curtain. There is a glitch this time – there are 3 pins on the island!
Buckle Boot Pin cheats

If you go to the Beacon, you still can find the Feather Pin there. The older Wagon Pin is still on the Ski Village. What do you think about this glitch?

New Club Penguin Puffle Rescue game tips!

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Hey, Screenhog made a post about the new Puffle Rescue game with some tips! Here they are below:

1. Look before you leap… or swim.

It helps to look ahead and plan your jumps. Remember that while you only have a little time to act, looking ahead and waiting for the best chance works well.

2. Sometimes ‘close’ is close enough.

If you mistime your jump, or if you need to make a fast leap, you can still land safely even if your aim isn’t perfect. You’ll grab onto moving platforms automatically if you’re close enough…

3. Watch for new challenges.

At first, each level you reach will introduce a new challenge. Be cautious – there are tons of break-away platforms and ice chunks, along with sharks, bumpers, cannons and more. Pay close attention until you master all of them…

4. Last but not least, a few hidden tricks…

Have you tried standing on the mine carts until they leave the screen yet? Try it out! And if it gets too dark for you in the mine levels, remember that standing on the black and white check points will give you more light.

Those were the tips that Screenhog gave us! I liked them! Did these help you? They did help for me! Leave us a comment and tell us if they helped or not!

Aunt Arctic Tracker!!!

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